Tuesday, February 11, 2014

GOD MODULE Shows You Its "False Face" (out 2/18)... New Tour... Video Premieres on Bloody-Disgusting.com!

Releases FALSE FACE on Feb. 18th

Announce Tour Dates
"Destroy the Day" Video Premieres on Bloody-Disgusting

In the electronic world, it's easy to fall into the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" trap, releasing new albums that sound almost the same as the last albums. But for dark electronic band GOD MODULE, they've always managed to sidestep that convention and have consistently unleashed fresh and exciting music without retreading old footsteps and sounds. Their new album FALSE FACE (Metropolis Records; release dateFebruary 18, 2014) is the latest example of how they continue to expand and grow – a full-fledged exploration of spooky dance music fit for midnight dancefloors. "I think each album I release should be its own entity," explains Jasyn Bangert, the man behind God Module. "If it's not, I don't really see the reason in doing it. So I intentionally tried to incorporate new sounds and rhythms into this CD. I think it ended up exposing more of the catchy pop aspects that are always hidden in my music."
An exciting and beat-heavy electronic album, False Face is sinister in tone and theme. Exploring themes ranging from the occult to betrayal and loyalty, sex and death, it's a primal release that melds goth and dark electro with infectious melodies and beats. From opening paean to the death of innocence "A Good Night to Die", to the adrenaline-infused techno of "Nothing But Mine" to the atmospheric fog of "Faith Is Fragile", Bangert's childhood dreams are brought to full-visceral reality as musical nightmares. Taking all the best parts from Electro, Gothic, Industrial and Synthpop clichés and assembling a Frankenstein-esque pastiche, God Module stitches together songs that are as disturbing as they are catchy. The video for the track "Destroy the Day" premieres on Bloody-Disgusting and can be seen here:http://tinyurl.com/bloody-disgusting-god.
Watch "Destroy The Day"video ONLY at Bloody-Disgusting.com
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A response to the fake people he's encountered in his past, the title track "False Face" is a harsh criticism, a sonic middle finger to certain individuals. "It is basically a big 'f*** you' to people who go out of their way to pretend they are something they are not," Bangert continues. "It's directed at all those fake people who play a part in life instead of being whoever they are for some strange reason. You meet a lot of these people in everyday life but you meet even more in the music industry. There is a long list of people that inspired the song but that is for my own personal use only," he laughs.
FALSE FACE album art
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Formed in 1999, God Module released five previous albums including the much-celebrated album Séance that further proved their importance in the gothic electronic world. With their sixth album False Face, Bangert along with his current live band made up of Andrew Pearson(vocals, live keyboards) and Derek "Obscuri" Mick (live keyboards) will be hitting the road in support of the album for a round of dates that begins this week and spans through to the Summer, circling the US as well as well as a handful of dates in Europe (dates below). "God Module live is very visually powerful," says Bangert about the live shows. "My stage persona is a direct interpretation of the music in that I let everything dark we are told to keep hidden come out onstage. Onstage I feed off the energy of the crowd so I feel it is almost an interactive experience. Expect to have fun, expect to be scared and expect to dance your ass off!"
False Face will be released on February 18, 2014 via Metropolis Records.

14th - Seattle WA @ The Highline
16th - Portland OR @ The Tonic Lounge
19th - San Francisco CA @ The DNA Lounge
21st - Glendale CA CA @ Complex
22nd - San Diego CA @ Kensington Club
23rd - Phoenix AZ @ Pub Rock Live
25th - El Paso TX @ Lowbrow palace
27th - Mcallen TX @ Smokin Aces
28th - San Antonio TX @ Limelight
1st - Austin TX @ Elysium
2nd - Dallas TX @ The Church
4th - Oklahoma City OK @ Leon's Lounge
6th - Salt Lake City UT @ Area 51
7th - Las Vegas NV @ Backstage Bar
18th-20th - Resistanz Festival - Sheffield UK
27th - Dark Munich Festival - Munich Germany
7th New Orleans @ Siberia
9th Ybor City FL @ The Orpheum
10th Jacksonville FL @ Eclipse
13th Atlanta GA @ The Masquerade
14th Raleigh NC @ Legends Night Club
15th Richmond VA @ Fallout
16th Wilmington DE @ Asylum 13
17th NYC NY @ Stimulate
18th Providence RI @ Redemption
20th Pittsburgh PA @ 31st St Pub
21st Cleveland OH @ The Phantasy
22nd Toronto ON @ Kinetik Festival pre-party
23rd Ypsilanti MI @ Maidstone Theater
24th Chicago IL @ Live Wire Lounge
25th Milwaukee WI @ Club Anything
27th Minneapolis MN @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall
6th - 9th Wave Gothic Treffen - Leipzig Germany

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