Wednesday, February 5, 2014

David Buckley Borden Announces Boston Fun-A-Day Opening Reception, February 21st in Cambridge

David Buckley Borden
Announces Boston Fun-A-Day Opening Reception, February 21st at Voltage Coffee in Cambridge

Following his participation in January's "Best of Show" installation and the "Fun-A-Day" project in Boston and upcoming Hibernaculum Residency, New England-based artist David Buckley Borden is announcing his participation in the upcoming Boston Fun-A-Day Opening Reception taking place Friday, February 21st at Voltage Coffee in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Fun-A-Day project is an annual event which challenges participants to begin the new year by doing something FUN/creative EVERY DAY for the month of January. The daily creative work and documentation results in 31 pieces that create a narrative outlining each artist’s journey through the first month of the year. The project results are then featured in a Group Art Show. This year’s project includes photography, painting, drawing, hand-lettering, collage, woodworking, embroidery and more!

About David Buckley Borden:

David Buckley Borden is an artist, landscape designer (highly unlicensed landscape architect), and humorist hailing from the great state of New England. His art includes a variety of creative work ranging from landscape installations to pen and ink drawings to silkscreen prints covering an even greater variety of creative interests in landscape architecture, ecology, NTS mapping, land use history, all things “great outdoors,” and the past, present and future challenges to the lands of North America.

A recent graduate of the landscape architecture masters program at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, Borden worked as a designer within the Urban Studio at Sasaki Associates and is now a member of Ground, Inc., a boutique landscape architecture firm known for its artful landscapes. Borden may be best known around the Greater Boston metropolitan area as co-founder of the Studio Kaiju, often described as the "Kaiju Commissioner." Looking for a new start, Borden left Kaiju Big Battel in 2007 to attend graduate school at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

After a few years corporate design, Borden is now starting to branch out on his own, working in landscape architecture and exploring New England landscape through his art. Humor still plays big role in his work, which runs the gamut of visual art and site-specific landscape installations. Outside of work, when not leading his one-man campaign for sustainable cutis anserine americana, David can be found quietly playing in the dirt in and around his Cambridge, Massachusetts home.

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