Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Colleens: Wild Dreams LP out TODAY; watch their "About You" video!

"Colleens’ Wild Dreams is a seven-song, 31-minute psych Americana/alt-pop feast that is, as they say, 'all killer, no filler.' So write it down: Wild Dreams by Colleens is a local must have for 2014." --San Antonio Current

"...feels neither overproduced or underwhelming at any stage. Colleens are stepping out with a fresh sound that resonates with purpose "-- Indie Music

“Keeping it all in the family” is ordinarily little more than a quaint sentiment for colloquial brotherhood. But for Josh and Jon Harter, and their psych-Americana quartet Colleens, the idea is about as literal as you can get. Growing up in San Antonio, Texas, the Harter brothers were surrounded by music. Their father, Keith, is a composer who owns KHM Studios in San Antonio, where Josh and Jon work day jobs as recording engineers and producers, and are treated to a daily deluge of spectrum-spanning sound palates by working musicians from across the country.

Wild Dreams is a record that pays homage to the Harters’ influences, while pushing those traditions to exciting sonic terrain. Josh’s songs operate within and around traditional pop songwriting structures, with an ear toward equally risky/rewarding instrumentation.

This record's production is, not surprisingly, incredible--it is rich, lush and extremely intelligently put-together. Colleens' songwriting wears its production effortlessly; the record is full of gorgeous moments; subtle shifts, wise moves, classic feels.

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