Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blackest Ever Black announces new EP for Dalhous, "Visibility Is A Trap"

"The ill person who recovers sufficient strength to learn how to silence the racing mind, to see more of other people, of nature, and of the self, and to experience from time to time 'the mysterious order of all things', will find that circumstances which previously seemed to offer undiluted misery are first transcended and then gradually, magically, transformed. "

Visibility Is A Trap is the new EP by Dalhous, comprised of four originals together with a masterfully understatedRegis remix of ‘He Was Human And Belonged With Humans’.

The EP heralds the arrival of the Edinburgh-based project's sophomore album, Will To Be Well, due out on Blackest Ever Black in early Summer 2014.

Dalhous first announced its existence in 2012 with the Mitchell Heisman 10”, and last year released its debut full-length: An Ambassador For Laing. Both Visibility Is A Trap and the upcoming Will To Be Well LP reflect writer-producer Marc Dall's continued interest in the language and imagery of self-help, R.D. Laing and the anti-psychiatry movement.

Though recorded after Will To Be Well, the tracks on Visibility Is A Trap at first appear to have more in common with the blue ethereal drift of Ambassador. While ‘Information Is Forever’ and ‘A Change Of Attitude’ are firmly in the ambient mode, ‘Active Discovering’ fizzes with arpeggiated energy, and a battery of percussion disrupts the calm surface of ‘Sight Of Hirta’. Something is up. Things are not as they seem.

The Regis remix of Ambassador highlight ‘He Was A Human And Belonged With Humans’ finds Karl O’Connor in unusually pensive mood. In fact it’s fair to say that this near-beatless, dubwise version is unlike anything he has put his name to before. Discarding the rhythmic skeleton of Dalhous’s original, he gives the weeping saxophone more space to roam and resonate, adding off-beat, sleep-deprived keys, murmured vocal fragments and swells of sub-bass pressure. It could be construed as a love letter to his former home in West Berlin; certainly it evokes and effortlessly updates the drugsick grandeur of later Neubauten or Low side 2.

Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy, Visibility Is A Trap will be released on 12” vinyl (housed in full picture sleeve) and digital formats on April 7th, 2014.

On May 22 Dalhous play live in London, supporting Wolfgang Voigt as part of the St John Sessions concert series; on April 5th they perform at the LAPSUS festival in Barcelona alongside Fennesz, Etch and others. Full details of Will To Be Well will be announced in due course.

Written, produced and recorded by Marc Dall. Engineered by Alex Ander. Additional remix and production on B1 by Karl O'Connor. Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy, London. Artwork by Marc Dall. Layout by Oliver Smith. BLACKEST029.


A1. Active Discovering 
A2. Information Is Forever 
A3. Sight Of Hirta 
A4. A Change Of Attitude 
B1. He Was Human And Belonged With Humans (Regis Version)


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