Monday, February 10, 2014

ABUELA shares video for "True Colors"


WATCH: "True Colors" -

Following Canvasclub's release of their debut 7" last week, ABUELA is back today to share the video for A-side "True Colors." Culled from footage taken during the duo's trip to Peru on which they recorded the 7" material, the video beautifully captures the essence of ABUELA - the marriage of ancient traditions and modern technology to create something entirely new. Check out the new video above.
ABUELA's 7" was released as part of Canvasback Music's Canvasclub series. To date, the series has featured releases from Dan Wilson, Tiger Waves and Drenge. Canvasback Music is home to an eclectic roster of artists including Alt-J, Grouplove, The Joy Formidable, Frightened Rabbit and The Orwells. For more information on future releases visit To purchase Abuela's 7" now visit Insound.


ABUELA is the collaborative project between the ever-evolving sound & light production team of Evan 'E. Vax' Mast (Ratatat, Jay-Z) and the White Wizard (White Flight). 

The duo began work on the ABUELA project high up in the Andes Mountains within the greater matrix of the 'Sacred Valley of the Inka' in southern Peru. Housed in an adobe cabin and utilizing a simple, portable studio set-up, the producers were encouraged by their minimal toolkit to draw inspiration for the music directly from the mountains, rivers, and inhabitants of the valley (both seen and unseen) rather than sinking into the familiar comforts of a modern recording studio.  

Using instruments of the region (various flutes, charangos, percussion) combined with cutting-edge audio software, the pair began to forge the organic with the hyper-electronic, the future with the past, creating a body of music that is a timeless mixture of what it is to be human in this exponentially transforming day and age. A fearless "all genres at once" approach was embraced in order to inspire a limitless potential within the process of recording the music itself.  

Just next door to the adobe studio was a beautiful temple where jungle medicine ceremonies were being held, their influence inevitably leaking into the recordings themselves. The great mystery of how something can simultaneously sound so ancient, and wholly cybernetic, even futuristic, lies at the heart of the ABUELA project.

Since the project began in 2012, ABUELA has continued to unfold into various continents, recording sessions taking place on both coasts of North America, as well as in the middle of the pacific ocean on Kauai, Hawaii. In October of 2013 the duo returned to southern Peru to capture images to accompany the sounds they had constructed. Most of the locations are well-off the beaten track and unfamiliar to viewers all over the world, including many sacred Incan and Pre-Incan temples. Much more than a band, ABUELA is a project that will expand expand beyond sounds into film, architecture, and 3D design.

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