Friday, December 20, 2013

Watch & Share Norman's Feel Good New Video for "Younger!"

Watch & Share Norman's Feel Good New Video for "Younger" Premiered on Yesterday!

End the year on a positive note with Norman's new video for "Younger" just premiered on yesterday. The Portland quartet collaborated with the Emmy Award winning studio Stillmotion to create their latest video for "Younger." This is the latest single from their third LP "Into The Eventyr" out now on Hey Amigo Records.

As singer and guitarist Eric Nordby told “My idea is that love doesn’t always have to grow old,” says singer Eric Nordby. “Love can be as exciting and fresh as the first nervous time you hold hands, a first kiss, or when you arrive to the comfort of that place you call home after a long trip. Existence is an adventure.”

Watch and share the video at the link above, and listen to the full LP available for download at the link below! And if you're in the Portland area, you can pick up their exclusive Norman Ale a collaboration with Calapooia Brewing Company out of Albany, OR. 

Stream their full LP "Into The Eventyr" here:
Share Their Single "Hawk" Premiered at The Oregonian
Watch & share the first installment of the making of their beer video:

"Into the Eventyr" is full of hearty, harmony-filled rock in the spirit of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Matthew Sweet, but the edgy "Hawk," the band's synth-lined new single, may be the beer's best match." The Oregonian

"On some songs they have really nice vocal harmonies going on, in others its more guitar-accented.  (The final song, Leaving the Valley, does have an badass Allman's guitar thing going on.)  But the music is smooth, layered, and flows like water." Beervana

"A lazy, golden, heartbreaking tune for you today." Song for The Day

"Give a listen to this relaxing twangy tune. It'll make you forget you live in the big city." KZME

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