Monday, December 30, 2013

Diffuser Interviewed Potpourri of Pearls About Beyonce, John Waters, and Cults.

Diffuser Interviewed Potpourri of Pearls Resulting in a Thing on the Internet That is Actually Fun to Read. 

"If Potpourri of Pearls get to be as big as Erasure or the Pet Shop Boys or one of the ’90s crossover dance acts they reference with their glowing ’80s-style synth-pop, they’ll do so on their own terms. In one press release, the Philadelphia trio refers to itself as a “highly educated band of gay homosexuals who were born on the Internet,” and in another, it cops to taking its name from a slang term for male seminal fluid. These are people that live outside of what you might call polite society, but they write songs catchy and heartfelt enough to appeal to tween girls, housewives, indie rock dudes and just about anyone else lucky enough to hear the stuff." - Kenneth Partridge/Diffuser

Read the rest of the interview over at DIFFUSER

Potpourri of Pearls have a new album coming out on February 11th. The album is called We Went to Heaven and downloads are available for review upon request. 

Watch their latest video for the track "Hang Me" off the new album HERE.


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