Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Michael McDermott "Noise From Words"

Michael McDermott announces new tour dates in support of the forthcoming release Noise from Words, available at all retailers on August 28th from One Little Indian US. The tour includes numerous stops in Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia, as well as guest appearances on WGN TV and the WTMJ4 Morning Blend TV Show in Milwaukee. McDermott will also perform two shows in the UK, with stops at The Betsey Trotwood and the Greenbelt Festival in London.

With roots in alt/country and rock and a style reminiscent of John Wesley Harding and Willie Nile, Noise From Words is a candid song collection of addiction and the struggle for redemption. The album, primarily performed live in the studio using sparse instrumentation—at times paring things down to just his vocal and acoustic guitar—captures McDermott at his most intimate and most honest, duplicating the cathartic experience of his solo live performances. “It’s fun to have your buds onstage and jump around in front of a band,” he says. “But when it comes down to the solo stuff, it’s very naked and much more difficult to pull off on an emotional level. After a solo set, I’m just drained, not because I’ve been jumping around, but because I’ve just turned myself inside out.”

It’s precisely this acute degree of psychological self-exposure that makes Noise From Words so powerful. McDermott retraces the path that led him to the very brink of the abyss and back again on such unforgettable songs as “Long Way From Heaven,” “My Father’s Son,” “Broken,” “Just a Little Blue” and “I Shall Be Healed.” These understated but urgent songs form the chapters in a sort of aural autobiography whose thematic range also encompasses relationships (“Still Ain’t Over You Yet,” “A Kind of Love Song,” “Tread Lightly,” “No Words,” “All My Love”) and belonging (“The American in Me”), forming a comprehensive view of contemporary existence at its extremes.

Noise From Words is available from One Little Indian Records on August 28th. Michael’s first track, “The American in Me,” hits radio next week!

Tour dates:

08/01/07 - New York, NY - The Living Room
08/15/07 - New York, NY - The Living Room
08/21/07 - Terre Haute, IN - Hulman Institute of Technology
08/22/07 - London, UK - Betsey Trotwood
08/25/07 - London, UK - Greenbelt Festival
08/26/07 - London, UK - Greenbelt Festival Show
08/28/07 - Chicago, IL - WGN TV Noon Show
08/29/07 - New York, NY - The Living Room
09/01/07 - Memphis, TN - Delta Music Festival
09/06/07 - Chicago, IL - Davenport's (Record Release)
09/07/07 - Chicago, IL - Davenport's (Record Release)
09/08/07 - Chicago, IL - Davenport's (Record Release)
09/09/07 - Chicago, IL - Benefit Show for Misericordia
09/14/07 - Milwaukee, WI - WTMJ4 Morning Blend TV Show
09/15/07 - Downers Grove, IL - Bally Doyle
09/28/07 - Philadelphia, PA - WXPN Live @ Noon Radio Show
09/28/07 - Philadelphia, PA - World Cafe Live (Record Release)
11/20/07 - Chicago, IL - Duffy's w/ Sammy Llanas
11/23/07 - Chicago, IL - Schuba's


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Anonymous said...

i just saw this guy on the NYC morning show. He rocked. i haven't heard an musician/artist write like that since springsteen or mellancamp. it's refreshing and inspiring -