Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Five O ’Clock Heroes Come to the Rescue & Release Debut Album

Transatlantic Brit-Rock saviors certainly hold a deep routed and unconditional place in most New Yorkers and Londoners heart. Having carved their way amongst the masses from the indie rock explosion back in the early “Noughties” – they ventured on the road, the old school way, without funds and equipped with an array of amazing new songs, top notch live performances and a presence hip and dark enough to attract the hearts and eyes of any rock n’roll dude and doll.

Indeed, Five O’Clock Heroes have garnered a loyal legion of fans, on both sides of the Atlantic, after playing a string of European festival dates and about to throw themselves on the road here in the US this Fall – prepare yourselves for an onslaught of intense and good old fashioned mod rock beats and riffs. Melodies accompanied by the quirky and immediately recognizable vocals of Antony Ellis, singing tales of his tribulations – with tracks such as “Knocked Her Up”, “Corporate Boys” and “White Girls”, it’s not impossible to understand the charm, wit and appeal this band so blatantly possess.

“…rumbustious power pop by a New York / London band drawing equally on the heritage of both those cities.” – The Guardian, UK

Quintessentially a New York City band, regardless of where they hail from, they are the epitome of a gathering of artists from various corners of the country/globe, working together and pulling from their own individual backgrounds, musically and culturally and bonding over their mutual love of the city that is New York.

Five O'clock Heroes: born during the traumatic post 9/11 days here in NYC, the four band members began to write and play together in the East Village and quickly bonded over their musical tastes (and differences, even), then took the show on the road and soon realized that what they had hit a delicate and promising chord in music fans on both sides of the Atlantic, re-emphasizing the relationship between NY and the UK.

To be somewhat torn between the UK and US is entirely understandable yet they decided to reside here in the US but still draw very much from social observations in the UK and comparing to life in the US. A pairing up of two nations - the musical history that bonds them and their love of NYC that brought them together... then you have Five O'Clock Heroes!

A band notorious for not bowing down to the record labels and building up a firm fan base by doing it the good old fashioned way of touring consistently. Now they are finally able to release their album with the backing of a record label (Glaze Records) and can show the rest of America what Europe, NY, Australia and Japan have been rocking out to for a while now.

With enough material to record a dozen albums now and from touring all over the globe, they really are a timeless band with a timeless sound - comparisons to Costello, The Clash, The Jam are pretty spot on.


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