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Wunder Wunder photo by Paley Fairman "Beachside daydreams with warbling guitars and shining, layered harmonies" - SPIN "instantly memorable" - The Fader "With lucid synth patterns and effects-laden guitars creating their surf-and-spliff sound, new album 'Everything Infinite' promises to deliver a beam of summer sun." - NME In advance of next week's release of their debut album Everything Infinite, Wunder Wunder are back today streaming the record in full. In conjunction with sharing the record, the band is announcing a performance at the Summer School event by School Night and Ace Hotels on July 19th at the Palm Springs Ace Hotel. Everything Infinite will be available via Dovecote Records on July 15th. Learn more about Wunder Wunder and stream the album below. LISTEN: Everything Infinite - http://www.thefader.com/2014/07/08/stream-wunder-wunder-everything-infinite/ PREVIOUSLY: LISTEN: "Midnight Hours" - https://soundcloud.com/wunder-wunder/midnight_hours Upcoming Shows: 7/19/14 - Ace Hotel - Palm Springs, CA 7/22/14 - The Echo (with CYMBALS) - Los Angeles, CA 8/10/14 - Splash House - Palm Springs, CA More about Wunder Wunder: Born under a cloudless Californian sky and bled into leftover tape, Wunder Wunder is the rolling amnesia of a Los Angeles summer, the deathless West Coast, and drinking in the dreams of its young. The debut creation of Melbourne producers Aaron Shanahan and Benjamin Plant, Everything Infinite is an album that captures lost moments spent in the pair's adopted city of LA and a unique exploration of their unspent ideas. "Los Angeles is a dreamy place, almost surreal," notes Shanahan, of the duo's drastic decision to uproot nearly 8000 miles from their native Australia. "It has continuous unspoilt skies and pastel sunsets, a backdrop of palm trees, and interesting people and houses stemming from many backgrounds in a wash of variety." Viewed through the windows on all three sides of the duo's lofty home studio, endless sunshine and idyllic views of the surrounding Hollywood hills and a silhouetted horizon offered the perfect setting for Everything Infinite's recordings to take place. "We even have visits from our little hummingbird friends which makes the space a very vibing area to create," they say, "instead of being locked in a dungeon like studio". Much like Wunder Wunder's own summit observatory onto the world, the pair's relocation offered a unique perspective from which to explore new musical styles and artistic methods by shifting from the 'indietronica' sound of their previous Miami Horror project and focusing their attention towards skilled song writing and content. "You're a product of your surroundings," admits Shanahan, whose new dwellings offered the pair a chance to indulge in some quality time with Mother Nature. During the recording process meditation, hikes in the hills and listening to audio books all provided clarity in mind paving the way for Everything Infinite's distinct themes; nostalgia, beauty, and universal connection. "Wunder Wunder feels like being reborn - we have learnt a lot during the making of this record," they say. Recalling the innocence of moments when you were a kid ('Summers Day'), growing up as a teenager and spending a special time with that certain someone ('Midnight Hours'), the vapour of childhood memories ('Coastline') or dreaming of a place where everything will be alright ('Dreams of the Fall'), each song touches on the ease of romanticising situations and having sentimental moments. "It almost reminds me of how shows like 'The Wonder Years' or the movie 'Stand By Me' reflect on special times. It's important to remember the positive things in life, especially when the world can seem grim," explains Shanahan. Whether you put it down to the West Coast's elevated vitamin D levels or a more positive outlook, it's clear that Wunder Wunder are karma chameleons blending seamlessly into their new habitat. 'Midnight Hours' offers a smooth dose of cool Cliff Martinez night-time retro nostalgia, 'Trouble in Utopia' sounds like an Animal Collective and Temples exchanging their own campfire stories, and the album's big pop moment comes via 'Hail The Madmen's funky Prince-like groove. Melding swaying, dappled guitars, rasping layers of harmony, dreamy delays and a warm tangle of vintage synthesizers and drums, Everything Infinite is a brilliantly executed concoction of mellow 70s lo-fi chords, the sonic and progressive sounds of 60s psychedelia, a distillation of sun-bleached yearning and the undulating 90s pop sounds of Shanahan's teenage years; each track its own kaleidoscopic motif that tessellates and reflects light like a shower of sun-kissed sequins. "Wunder Wunder is a project of positivity, dreaming, exploration and connection," they clarify. "We want people to feel something uplifting from what we do. Whether it's a backdrop for happy memories on a road trip or another nostalgic occasion it'd be great to be part of those moments in people's lives."


ISLANDER have released their anxiously awaited full length album Violence & Destruction on Victory Records.  Hailed as one of Revolver’s ‘Most Anticipated Album of 2014’, this gripping set of powerful and potent rock anthems will catapult ISLANDER to the top of your playlist.

Produced by Cameron Webb (Alkaline Trio, Weezer), Violence & Destruction takes listeners through a soaring, layered musical landscape. 

Vocalist Mikey Carvajal explains “We don’t believe art is something that we should tell people what they should think about.  Instead, the hope is that the art would inspire people to explore things for themselves”.  Violence & Destruction is loaded with dynamic tracks and the exceptional single “Coconut Dracula”.  Carvajal continues “There are elements of hardcore, punk, hip hop, new wave….we just love music”. 

Carvajal discusses the stories behind each track exclusively at RockSound.tv.

ISLANDER continue their modern rock conquest through 2014 appearing at the annual Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival on the Victory Records Stage.

Watch the music video for the single "Coconut Dracula"

Violence & Destruction is available at local independent retailers, Best Buy, FYE, iTunes, Amazon Music, and all other digital retailers July 8, 2014. 
      “Most Anticipated Album of 2014” - cid:294A01E6-0A5F-48C8-860E-79ADBC71B8FA

“100 Bands You Need To Know” -  cid:9CC437F2-733A-4DF6-94D9-9B8AE8B76504
“They sonically demonstrate that fragile dichotomy between softness and weight in a riff, and juggle it around over catchy hooks” -

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