Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Ergs Debut LP 'DorkRockCorkRod' Celebrates 10th Anniversary + Issue New Vinyl Master

The Ergs! 

Now classic debut LP dorkrockcorkrod is available once again
for its 10th anniversary with a new vinyl master!

Recently heralded by The A.V. Club as a pop-punk essential, the band has released a new vinyl master of their debut LP DorkRockCorkRod. The classic album is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary and is available now

“DorkRockCorkRod offers introspection while still cracking a smile, serving as a distillation of pop-punk’s range and scope. The three-song suite of “Most Violent Rap Group,” “Pray For Rain,” and “Saturday Night Crap-O-Rama” may be one of the best triple plays in all of rock music, let alone pop-punk.” – Jason Heller, The A.V. Club


The Ergs! started in 2000 in South Amboy, NJ as three high school friends – drummer/lead vocalist Mike Yannich (Mikey Erg), guitarist/vocalist Jeff Schroeck (Jeff Erg), and bassist Joe Keller (Joey Erg). They were all students ad Bridge High School at the time. Over their nearly decade-long run (their last show was November 15, 2008) they toured relentlessly across the country and released some of the smartest and most-loved pop-punk of the 2000s. After breaking up, members of The Ergs! went on to form bands like Black Wine and Night Birds. Mikey Erg also performs solo.

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