Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Release/MARK LANE/Something New

Los Angeles based singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Mark Lane has finished his second album titled, Something New. The album has a refreshing sophistication blended with a timeless “California” pop-rock feel.  Lane plays all the instruments, with the exception of the string quartet, which allowed him to create an organic sound and intimacy not found on many records these days.  “My general approach,” Lane explains, “was to craft the parts by improvising over the existing material until new motifs and ideas rose to the surface and compose what would become the overall sound of the record."

The opening track, “For Whom It Concerns” introduces listeners to a distinct lyrical perspective blurring the line between self-deprecating cynicism and empathic honesty. The album immediately presents a collection of thought-provoking yet carefully optimistic musical sentiments before giving way to somewhat darker and disillusioning themes, as in the ominous “The King of Silence” and a nod to the emptiness created by greed in "Paid In Gold." Ultimately though, faith is once again introduced in the deceptively simple yet expansive “Little Things” and the redemptive and brilliant title track, imploring us to always believe a shift in our perspective can make Something New.

The final mix was given some added lift by Jason Falkner (Jellyfish, AIR.)  Lane recently played at the Hotel Café and will be playing at the Bootleg Bar in LA on July 24th.  Something New will be available for purchase on iTunes and across all digital platforms on July 24th.  The first single, “Matter of Time” is available now!

Track List for Something New:
  1. For Whom It Concerns
  2. Matter of Time
  3. Back In The Swing
  4. Her
  5. Hard To Believe
  6. The King of Silence
  7. Please, Lillianne
  8. Paid In Gold
  9. Little Things
  10. Something New
  11. The Last Song

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