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Droids Attack Announce Summer US Tour Dates * Ready New Album Out Fall/Winter 2012

Droids Attack Live!
07/04 Joe’s Place Iowa City, IA w/ Snow Demon
07/05 The Replay Lounge Lawrence, KS w/ The Leotards
07/06 The Railhead Saloon Lawton, OK
07/07 The 29th Street Ballroom Austin, TX w/ Sky Crawler, Rust, and The Blood Royale
07/09 The Nick Birmingham, AL w/ Cousin Sleaze, and Jerolyn
07/10 The Landshark Jacksonville, FL w/ Rojo Diablo
07/11 Chapel Hill Underground Chapel Hill, NC w/ Ruscha, Self Inflicted, and Blood Red Sky
07/12 The Bell Foundry Baltimore, MD w/ Curse, Insane Clown Pussy, and Sprayer
07/13 Saint Vitus Bar Brooklyn, NY w/ The Giraffes, and Cinema Cinema
07/14 Mojo 13 Wilmington, DE
07/15 Cedars Youngstown, OH w/ Trust Mission, and RNRCP
07/16 Bourbon Street Columbus, OH
07/17 Corktown Tavern Detroit, MI w/ Minus 9
07/18 Liar’s Club Chicago, IL

Following the doom-laden guitar assault that was 2010's, "Must Destroy," Madison, Wisconsin power-trio DROIDS ATTACK has announced an upcoming summer US tour beginning early next month, taking the band throughout the Midwest, East Coast and southern portions of the country. The band will be hitting the road for two weeks of dates before entering the studio later this summer to begin recording their new full length album due out later this year.

Having previously toured the States opening for legendary and celebrated hard rock acts such as High On Fire, Torche, Kylesa and Floor (the latter of which the band performed only days after front-man Brad Van suffered a life threatening ruptured appendix), and receiving mountains of critical praise since the release of their last album, Droids Attack will be performing material from the forthcoming new album on the latest batch of dates, and will also be unveiling a live video from their most recent Chicago show coming in the next few days (details coming soon).

What the press is saying about Droids Attack:

"Except for their punk-rock aggression, Droids prefer the primordial, keeping a strong whiff of blues and plenty of burly yelling at the front of the mix. Must Destroy hints many times that Droids appreciate variety." - A.V. Club

"I like the whole presentation here, gents: The story behind the band, the moniker that's begging to be split with a comma and ended with multiple exclamation points, the ensorcelling vintage robot mascot, and hell, even the music ain't half-bad -- actually, it's multiple levels of grade-A Whoop-Ass! when you get down to brass tacks. 8 / 10" -

"Most big rock bands drag their songs out to seven or eight minutes feeling somehow that we'll all benefit from extra guitar masturbation. Droids Attack would rather show up, blow the speakers up and then steal all the beer." - Crave Online

"Fun and light-hearted while still devoutly rockin', Droids Attack's third full-length is a wonderful mixture of straight-ahead, borderline stoner rock that never gets so serious or bogged down in its respective rut to forget that even heavy bands can be upbeat." - Exclaim!

"The vibe was good times, irony and bullshit free, and Droids Attack rocked out with clear love for what they were doing. By the end of the set, I was up front." -The Obelisk

"There is a southern fried flavor that emanates from these riffs and that showers these songs with sleaze and a bit of that 70
’s coked up vibe. As a whole, Must Destroy is stellar, from beginning to end – the sequencing is flawless – this is one hell of a record." -

"Droids Attack's third album Must Destroy is filled to its crusty brim with tongue-in-cheek song titles, bluesy scuzzed out guitars and a rhythm section that's creative and thundering." - Mouth For War

"Sweet. That's the word that escapes the lips not a minute into Must Destroy, a meaty slice of stoner rock from Wisconsin trio Droids Attack." - The Aquarian

"What Droids Attack have on their third album is a successful meshing of solid, thick riff rock with an engaging, friendly mood." -

"...pure stoner rock bliss..." -

Stream "Must Destroy" here!

"Must Destroy" Track List
1. The Unforgiven 4
2. The Great Wall of 'Gina
3. Blueshammer
4. The Arcade Bully
5. Must Destroy
6. The Crisis in the City (It's Increasing)
7. Canadian Death Bus
8. Koko Beware
9. Astro Glider

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