Thursday, October 22, 2009

Spooky animals deeply dreaming: check out Washington, DC band, BELLFLUR. New single now

“There was an old upright piano in the backyard of the farmhouse I lived in. When I would drive away at night, a piano with deer around it would appear out of nowhere. The spooky image of animals in suits using abandoned instruments to make music stuck with me.” - Carlos Gonzalez-Fernandez, BELLFLUR.

“…at times reminiscent of Sigur Ros and Pink Floyd, the group manages to impart a unique intimacy and vulnerability.” - The Big Takeover

Scores of DC-based bands touted as “the next big thing” have rapidly sprung up and dissipated just as quickly, but since its inception in 2001, BELLFLUR has been one of the few constants on the DC scene. BELLFLUR challenges genre-specificity, but it does thrive in the lush space and musical grandeur that might make one call its music “dreamy” tho the odd time signatures, bare-boned harmonies and reticence speak to the dark side.

Fans of Sparklehorse, Pink Floyd, Sigus Ros and Tortoise should dig the band's latest EP (a predecessor to its upcoming sophomore full-length in 2010), BELLFLUR draws upon countless musical influences to convey that mood of loneliness and social bewilderment that occurs in us all. As regional website, DCist, described BELLFLUR , the “band has a knack for making things cold and detached sound pretty…”


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