Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NYC's Pablo announces new tour dates, including a trek out to the West Coast!

Nov 3 - Glasslands - Brooklyn, NY
Nov 12 - Langosta Lounge - Asbury, NJ
Nov 19 - The Space - Hamden, CT
Nov 22 - Hotel Cafe - LA, CA
Nov 23 - Valentine's - Portland, OR
Nov 24 - High Dive - Seattle, WA
Nov 25 - Cranes Hollywood Tavern - LA, CA

Pablo's "Morning" was named a KEXP
Song of the Day last month -
“A brand new toe-tapper from one of KEXP’s favorites: Pablo”- KEXP
Check it out HERE on the KEXP Blog!

Pablo has announced the long awaited follow up to his beloved debut Half The Time.
“Long nights will come along, I’ve gotten to give in a bit”
are lyrics that help to sum up Pablo’s second album There’s Rope To Leave
Due out on November 3rd.

“In 2009, “Hey Luci” finds Pablo moving in a slightly different direction, though longtime fans won’t be disappointed. Gone are the whispered vocals that build up to a yowl and the soulful, strumming guitar; replacing them is an uptempo rhythm right out of the gate and more assured lyrics. The great acoustic guitar work is still here, but when Shalda tears through his vocal lines in the harmonies, we’re reminded more of the Pixies than the oft-compared Replacements. Whoever this “Luci” is and whatever she might have done, she’s certainly done wonders with our band Pablo!”- KEXP

NPR loved Half The Time
"New York band Pablo's release is one of the most honest and personal albums of 2006. Led by Paul Schalda, this album is an auto-biographical view of the world that could be just about anyone's experience dealing with every-day worries and routines. Schalda's distinct and heart aching voice bring out the kind of emotion you immediately identify with and can't ignore."

More about Pablo + Half the Time
The album leads the listener down a wooded path of cutthroat songwriting loaded with wonderful gems of piano, bass and drum fills, a myriad of astute lyricism and vocal melodies, as a dark current of mystery and optimism washes over the listener.

Talking a year and a half to complete, There's Rope to Leave began as an 8 track bedroom recording in Pablo front man Paul Schalda's home but ended at Levon Helm’s upstate New York recording studio. After a brief parting from the band during some tumultuous times Will Schalda was back on board with his brother and ready to lend his piano wizardry to the sketches that Paul had been working on in his apartment.

Enter Justin Guip long time friend and collaborator. Still hot from his recent Grammy award for sound engineering on Levon Helm’s 2008 “Dirt Farmer”. Justin’s enormous drum sound and colossal fills were the third link to the opening sessions behind “There’s Rope To Leave”. Rounding out the players is Dan Foder on Bass, the backbone to the highly regarded and well-revered group, The Budos Band, dropping some skull ringed-black waves of bass bombs.

Having toured with Kevin Devine, Jennifer Oconner, and Koufax,Straylight Run, The Hush Sound, and Spitalfield all across America, Pablo and crew are ready to hit the road again. Check out local NYC area dates being added alllll the time.

Much like the landscape of the current day American terrain, it has been a thunderous road full of volatile peeks and valleys for Pablo since the release of his first album “Half the Time” in October of 2006. The road to his second album “There’s Rope To Leave” has been littered with a variety of emotional whirlwinds, melting polar ice caps, a lack of health insurance, and a dash of manic depression brought on by the brief falling out between Pablo and his brother Will that brought the most turmoil and chaos to Paul’s world.

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