Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Heavy's 'How You Like Me Now?' Out Now; Tour Update

“With guttural funk ("How You Like Me Now"), apocalyptic reggae ("Cause for Alarm"), and muddy blooze ("What You Want Me to Do") splashed among the fiery motorvators, Dirt plays like a blast of bad hoodoo, all topped off by Swaby's licentious howl.” –Spin

“Enough scuzz guitars and heart attack drums to make The Sonics blush... before exploding in a glorious cloud of amp shards and broken glass.” –NME

“The band kick out the jams with a terrific, menacing and dirty mix of Funkadelic, James Brown and maxi-fuzzed psychedelic garage” –Time Out

“Not to sound extreme but it is almost like this band was reincarnated from another lifetime and brought into our generation to keep soul funk alive.” –URB

The Heavy release The House That Dirt Built out as of October 13th - the follow-up to their riotous debut, Great Vengeance and Furious Fire. Well, the boys have reloaded with a grittier sound that mimics the energy of their notorious live shows, and the result is fire and brimstone like you've never heard.

Noid, England's band of outlaws have traveled the world since their debut, and if this album is a travelogue, they've been down the dusty trails (“Short Change Hero”), jammed with the ghost of Hendrix (“What You Want Me To Do”), and crashed the wedding of Satan himself (“Sixteen”). Yet, for all their menacing howling, even the Big Bad Wolf gets forlorn (“Long Way From Home”), if not a bit starry-eyed (“Stuck”). Throughout, The Heavy lay down music that constantly lives on the edge of hair-on-fire, arms flailing madness, anchored by beats steady as a 10-ton anvil. Blood, sweat, and tears? That's just the people listenin, dude.

Mixed and produced by Jim Abiss (Arctic Monkeys, Adele, Kasabian) and with Noisettes input on three tracks, The House That Dirt Built is an album that has a vast constellation of influences. The Heavy can party with the best of em. This album proves it.

The Heavy have been hard at work prior to D-Day, unleashing their single, "How You Like Me Now?" to radio stations worldwide and getting plays on KROQ/Los Angeles, KEDJ/Phoenix, KROX/Austin, KNRK/Portland, KBZT/San Diego, WEQX/Albany, WWCD/Columbus, SIRIUS/XM's Alt Nation and SIRIUS XMU, WXPN, and KEXP... just to name a few. They will also be performing live on KEXP's morning show on October 30th at 8am PST/11am EST. People can tune in at 90.3FM in Seattle, at 91.5FM in NYC and worldwide. The single could most recently be caught on the season finale of 'Entourage' last Sunday and in addition, Joker and Ghost remixes of the single are charging their way through the world wide web as we speak.

Grab a free download of the track "Short Change Hero" now on URB, and while you're surfin' the net, check out the boys live with Mark Lamarr at BBC Maida Vale Studio.

US Tour Dates

10/21 || The Echo || Los Angeles, CA
10/22 || Martini Ranch || Scottsdale, AZ
10/23 || Casbah || San Diego, CA
10/24 || The Blank Club || San Jose, CA
10/27 || Slim's || San Francisco, CA
10/28 || Silver Moon Brewing Company || Bend, OR
10/29 || Doug Fir Lounge || Portland, OR
10/30 || The Crocodile || Seattle, WA
11/2 || World Café Live || Philadelphia, PA
11/4 || Club Metronome || Burlington, VA
11/5 || Great Scott || Boston, MA
11/7 || 92Y Tribeca || New York, NY

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