Friday, October 30, 2009

Netherfriends Share Another Single and Announce Even More Tour Dates!

On the heels of a stunning Daytrotter session,
Netherfriends present for your listening pleasure, "Mom Cop"
from the Emergency Umbrella Records release Calling You Out.

Netherfriends are on tour now!
Through the remainder of 09, the band is traveling through the
south, midwest and NYC -
including a handful of dates with Jams Dean,
with whom Netherfriends will be collaborating on a limited edition cassette
in which Jams Dean will make beats out of Netherfriends songs.

Check out the Netherfriends' Daytrotter session HERE!

Fall-Winter Tour Dates
Nov 5 - Ottoman Empire - Chicago, IL
Nov 13 - Beauty Shop - Fairfield, IA
Nov 14 - The Progressive - Ames, IA
Nov 16 - 8th St. Taproom - Lawrence, KS
Nov 18 - Sonny's Vintage - Austin, TX
Nov 18 - Hole In the Wall - Austin, TX
Nov 20 - The Smoke & Barrel - Fayetteville, AR
Nov 26 - Skully's - Columbus, OH
Dec 11 - Weirder Park - Chicago, IL
Dec 12 - Fort Pie - Columbus, OH
Dec 13 - The OX - Philadelphia, PA
Dec 14 - Cake Shop - NY, NY
Dec 15 - Glass Door - Brooklyn, NY
Dec 21 - Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL
with Jams Dean

With more national dates to come!

Daytrotter raves
Shawn Rosenblatt, the lone constant in the Chicago band Netherfriends, is some kind of a mastermind. The young man has such an expert way with indie rock arrangement and with the tricky business of sounding both unfamiliar and like something that we've been intimate with time and again. It's as if we could recall his songs by closing our eyes and checking in with our olfactory sensibilities and we should be able to arrive at a clear picture - like a demented circus train, or a hammer hitting a bullet sending a gorgeous distress signal up from a life raft to explode over a vast and terrifying ocean. He seems to have gone out with a net and corralled all of the tails of every comet that's come close enough to Earth to nab, bundled them and then shocked them into weird motions and dance maneuvers.

With an EP and a 7" on Apollo Sunshine’s Black and Greene Records,
Netherfriends hit the road with never-before heard tunes
and an eye on winning hearts at every stop on the tour.

What the Press has to say

Wander into bar. Buy cheap beer. Discover greatness. Banging out
sweetly distorted sing-along melodies on guitar, keyboard and drums,
Chicago trio Netherfriends delivered the thrill of the unknown.

"Netherfriends have a bunch of toe-tappers in their repertoire, and I
definitely wouldn't mind this band leading my crew in a round of
campfire songs (if campfires weren't so creepy when you and all your
friends are 30-something).
Oh My Rockness

Chicago's Netherfriends allow their songs to define the band, not
their fashion sense or peers. Rare as it may be, Netherfriends are at
the forefront of a new crop of artists focused on great songwriting
and performance. This group is the amalgamation of experimental field
recordings, solid pop melody, and vocal harmonies. Netherfriends make
some of the most likeable music. It's fun, poppy, catchy as all get
out, and smart as a whip.

“TAC TAC” is some wicked smart pop music that’s bone simple with a
fantastic melody. I guess… if pressed, I’d say the production is
closest to Man Man performing at their happiest and youngest.
You Ain't No Picasso

Chicago’s Netherfriends caught my attention with their Feather & Dots
3 track 7″. It was overflowing with layered (but not heavy and dense)
experimental folk-ish pop rock.
Pasta Primavera

Playing in all those dark corners, this trio of Chicagoans emerged
from the depths to play as the Netherfriends. With haunting wails
scattered amongst the vocals and heavy keys dauntily looming over from
the background, Netherfriends play a maniac, mad brand of rock.
Fear not though, these guys are here to shed a bit of light from the
darkness and tame their demons. What you have left with Netherfriends
is a delightfully obscured, deviously dark set of distortion.
Both Sides of the Mouth
Who are the Netherfriends?
Shawn Rosenblatt recognizes that originality in a saturated market is somewhat of a commodity these days. In this post Napster - digitally obsessed generation, authenticity is often sacrificed for unsustainable popularity. Chicago's Netherfriends, takes song composition to a whole new stage of innovation, allowing their songs to define the band, not their fashion sense, or peers. Rare as that may be, Netherfriends is at the forefront of a new crop of artists who are focused on great songwriting and performance.

Looking into Netherfriends, one discovers a world of truth and talent that stands tall when compared to such legends of aptitude as The Zombies. Formed in 2007 in Chicago, Illinois, Netherfriends has come a long way since self-releasing two previous EP’s as well as a 7 inch on Apollo Sunshine’s Black and Greene Records.

Netherfriends is the amalgamation of experimental field recordings, solid pop melody, and vocal harmonies, or as You Ain’t No Picasso said, “…wicked smart pop music that’s bone simple with a fantastic melody.”

With extensive touring planned, a new EP, Calling You Out, as well as an recent Daytrotter Session, Netherfriends is poised to be the band you wish you could say you heard first.

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