Friday, July 11, 2014

U SCO Announces New Album "Treffpunkt" Out September 23rd on New Atlantis Records

Stream "Tuskflower" and "Iguana House" from U SCO here!

New Atlantis Records is incredibly pleased to announce Treffpunkt, the latest LP from polyrhythmic avant-punks U Sco. Consisting of members from several other notable, genre-bending Portland-bred projects, including the Jezebel Spirit, With Eyes Abstract and Duck. Little Brother, Duck!, U Sco has been an electrifying, formidable staple of Portland's unparalleled punk scene since their formation in 2011.

Treffpunkt was recorded and mixed by Paurl Walsh at Roadhouse Studios in Portland in the winter of 2013. Sonically, it's the best representation of the band so far, combining the dizzying velocity of their live performances with an aural spaciousness and lucidity that highlights the group's breathtaking consideration for musical minutiae.Treffpunkt is an immensely challenging (and equally rewarding) listen, but one should hesitate to use the word "inaccessible" - U Sco's blood is red hot. In vulgar terms, this is progressive rock with a hardcore heart. A far cry from the emotionally-detached, irritatingly-positive, regurgitated diatonic Don Caballero-worship that characterizes most contemporary math rock. This is not happy music; this is not superficially fun music. Dissonant, propulsive, and pantonal- this is monolithic art rock, triumphant its raw, discomforting sonic catharsis.

U Sco is a rock and roll anomaly- a manifestation of an evolutionary path whose reason for being isn't totally apparent. They play very complex music that - contradictorily - has a ton of guts. Treffpunkt is a fantastic record, marked by virtuosic chops, incisive arrangements, and its indifference to the mechanics of the status quo. This band isn't taking their cues from anyone. Like all great bands before them, they simply exist.

"Treffpunkt" Track List:
1. Took Chase
2. Buhkse

3. Tuskflower
4. Treffpunkt
5. Palace Vice
6. Crack in the Crystal Glass

7. Iguana House
8. Glm Lrkr

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