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TOUR DATES ADDED: Dance-Pop Icon JADE STARLING of Pretty Poison Returns with Top International DJ Team for 1st Solo Album, 'Captive'; 1st Single Hits Billboard Top 30

JADE STARLING, best known as the vocalizing half of the platinum-selling duo Pretty Poison (#1 hit “Catch Me I’m Falling” on Virgin Records), will release her first-ever solo work, CAPTIVE, Aug. 12, on Subpoena/Universal.

Starling’s Summer-Fall 2014 CAPTIVE U.S. Tour is already under way, withCD Release Events in New York at Resorts World Casino (July 18) andAtlantic City at the DJ Expo 2014 (Aug. 11), produced by DJ Times. And, following a wildly successful appearance before 15,000 people on the Los Angeles stop in June, two more dates have been added for Jade on Live Nation’s Super Freestyle Explosion Tour in Orlando (Sept. 12) and Tampa (Sept. 13).

CAPTIVE features collaborations with Lee Dagger of the hugely successful English remix team Bimbo Jones (Lady Gaga, RihannaKylie Minogue), newcomer Laszlo (Selena Gomez, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber & NickiMinaj) and French DJ/remixer Franck Dona (Universal France). The disc has already yielded the hit single "Insomniak," which cracked the Top 30 onBillboard magazine's dance chart.

Bringing the CAPTIVE theme further into focus, Jade went with Gretchen Johnson Photography inside the historic Eastern State Penitentiary, which once “held captive” some of America’s most notorious criminals, including gangster Al Capone and bank robber Willie Sutton, to capture all of the photos for her album cover and the complete album package design.

According to the flame-tressed, Philadelphia-based diva, CAPTIVE, two years in the making, ended in a much different place from where it started. Jade and her long-time partner, keyboardist-producer Whey Cooler, originally intended to create something in the vein of their dance-popping predecessors, released under the Pretty Poison banner. But along the way, they decided to bring in outside collaborators to give their tracks a more contemporary sound.

“This is a dance record," says Jade. "Collaborating with international DJs gave it a fresh new sound, and inspired us to write many new songs."

Not that dance music is new territory for Jade and Whey. "We’ve been doing electronic music since the beginning of our careers," says Jade. "Now it just has a label – 'EDM.' We’re about what’s happening next. We’ve always tried to stay ahead of the curve and not follow it."

Despite its infectious beats, CAPTIVE is about far more than just dance floor grooves. Lyrically, Jade examines the human condition in ways that are instantly relatable and relevant to club kids and everyone else.

“The record takes you on an emotional journey from start to finish," she explains. "From the opening track, ‘Everything in the World,’ which really sums it up – 'I want it all, I want it now, I want everything in the world' – it covers the gamut of emotions from breakups to falling in love. The new single, 'Think About U,' captures the first time you fall in love, getting back to those pure feelings that you felt."

For Jade and Whey, new material, new sonic partnerships and the desire to reach new audiences meant the old moniker had to go.

"We wanted to put something out that was current and had relevance," Jade reasons. "If it was called 'Pretty Poison,' people may have a preconceived notion. It’s still Jade Starling with Whey Cooler and our collaborators. By using my name it’s a fresh way of re-introducingmyself to the music world. If people make the connection, it’s great. If they don’t, they should just judge the music on its own merits."

The one thing Jade doesn't want anyone thinking is that CAPTIVE represents some kind of "comeback." She and Whey have pretty much gigged and recorded continuously for more than two decades.

“I've been doing what I always do, writing, touring and performing," she insists. "It’s not a comeback. We never left. It’s just a re-introduction. And this is why it’s a Jade Starling record, and not a Pretty Poison record."

7/18 – Resorts World Casino NYC – CD RELEASE EVENT – Jamaica, NY
8/11 – Scores Atlantic City, DJ Expo 2014 – CD RELEASE EVENT - Atlantic City
9/12 – Super Freestyle Explosion, Amway Center – Orlando, FL
9/13 – Super Freestyle Explosion, Tampa Bay Times Forum – Tampa, FL


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