Friday, July 11, 2014

Download Letting Up Despite Great Faults' New Single "Wrapped!"

Letting Up Despite Great Faults Return with Their New LP Neon  - Out August 12, 2014 on Limited Edition White Vinyl!

Download or Stream The Debut Single "Wrapped" Premiered on Under The Radar Yesterday!

"Letting Up Despite Great Faults’ new single “Wrapped” is a shamelessly romantic piece of synth pop. Male/female vocals, lines like “I'm still wrapped in you but they might sweep me away soon” and a gentle chorus crescendo—how are you not swooning just reading this?" Under The Radar
Singer and songwriter Mike Lee on their debut single:"'Wrapped' was the first song I wrote when I moved to Austin, but it took me over two years to really finish it. I wanted to do so much with it, I'm sure I was too ambitious about it but I finally got to a point where I was happy with all the mix of sounds I was trying to mash in there. Lyrically, I was describing something I was yearning for at the time, and something I feel like only naive teenagers have when they first fall in love. I wanted to be completely wrapped in someone—completely intertwined with who they are and who they want to become. I wanted to have a gigantic crush on someone, and be afraid of it at the same time."
Since forming in Los Angeles, Letting Up Despite Great Faults have been steadily refining their signature brand of electro indiepop, winning over critics and fans alike with a string of noteworthy releases and highly acclaimed singles. The four-piece, now based in Austin, is fronted by Mike Lee, whose hushed vocals recall intimate accounts of love, loss, relationships and youth.  

Never a band to favor sentiment over melody, Letting Up's beat-driven, hook-infused songs alternate seamlessly between pounding indie rock anthems and evocative, shoegazey soundscapes. Their new album, Neon, features the band at full form, taking listeners on a sonic joyride full of overdriven guitars, lush synths, and danceable dreampop.

Speaking on the two year lapse between 2012's Untogether and Letting Up's forthcoming LP Neon, Lee explained:  "I think Untogether had a real purpose for me, and was such a reflection of a disparate time in my life that once I moved to Austin (from LA, right before the release of Untogether). It felt like such a nice, fresh start that I wanted to kind of replace that image/feeling Untogether had with something brighter and hopeful as fast as I could."
Pre-order Neon for digital download or on limited edition white vinyl at


 8/16/2014 -  Austin, TX @ Holy Mountain

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