Friday, July 11, 2014

Black Wine Share 1st Single, Announce LP Out 8/12 via Don Giovanni Records

Black Wine
4th Studio Album, Yell Boss
August 12 via Don Giovanni Records

Listen + Share: 1st Single “Rime


Black Wine is preparing to release their fourth studio album, Yell Boss, on August 12 via Don Giovanni Records. Hailing from New Brunswick, New Jersey, the band is comprised of Jeff Schroeck on guitar, J Nixon on bass and Miranda Taylor on drums. With Yell Boss, the trio unleashes a dense punk-pop sound of towering guitars and a rattling rhythm section – a sound that is as original and engaging as it is concise.
The self-defined “no-core” band doesn’t hold their sound to any defining genre.  “Komrades,” is an upbeat, hook-ridden punk track loaded emotive vocal harmonies. The depth of the record comes through with “Rime,” a heavier track with looming, post-punk guitars and gruffer vocals sure to inspire fans to stomp and thrash. Check out “Rime” where it premiered with Wondering Sound or HERE!
Black Wine’s sound is immediate and commanding. The members also come from a long line of amazing Jersey bands including the Ergs!, Full of Fancy, and Hunchback. Determined to continue a sense of operative collectivism, all three members sing and contribute to songwriting. This keeps their ever-evolving creation inspiring and invigorating from start to finish.
Look for them on tour this summer!

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