Monday, October 29, 2012


With the explosion of dance music being what it is today, some of the most respected non-electronic record labels have been pursuing dance talent that crosses all musical boundaries. Dance fans know that Sander van Doorn is as versatile on the decks as he is in the studio and it seems Roc Nation does too.
Nothing Inside is the first single signed to Jay Z’s prestigious label from the Dutch superstar producer and DJ. With acts like Santigold, Calvin Harris, and MIA already signature artists on the iconic brand, Sander van Doorn will join the ranks of some of the most venerated artists in the music industry.

“I am incredibly happy about this signing because, as a producer, you always want to reach as many people with your music as you can. Nothing Inside is something I’m very proud of, so having it released on Roc Nation is absolutely insane! It’s a real honour to be on a label with so many amazing talents.”
 –Sander van Doorn

Nothing Inside continues to assert itself into the souls of all who hear it. Powerful music has a way of doing just that.

It is also a song that deserves to touch as many people as it can and Roc Nation will allow that to happen on a grand scale.

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