Sunday, September 27, 2009

Taintstick Declares War Against Country Singer Tim McGraw; Band Calls For McGraw’s Retirement

Taintstick, the explosive gods of heavy metal ecstasy, has declared war against country singer Tim McGraw and his new album "Southern Voice". The band is currently calling for McGraw's retirement in a new challenge issued by the band today.

"Look, McGraw – you've had a good run. 40 million sold and eleven consecutive number one albums. You've even got a famous wife chick, so we got nothing but love for you. Cowfucker's Mom even went to one of your concerts one time and said you put on a good show, but enough’s enough. Taintstick is here to hunt big game, and you're directly in the bullseye," said the band in a statement. "So let's do this; 'Southern Voice' vs 'Six Pounds of Sound' winner take all. Whomever sells more gets the glory, while the loser goes home forever. You in?"

Taintstick is currently awaiting a response from Tim McGraw’s camp, while they prepare for the release their debut album, "6 Pounds of Sound", on October 27th, 2009 through Suburban Noize Records. The group recently announced they have recruited Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden to handle bass duties for their upcoming World Tour.

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gayle said...

what in the hell is wrong with you people??? have you nothing better to do than come up with ridiculous 'challenges'. certainly you freaks are not worried about competing for the same audience or album sales so what is it? this is the most insane thing i've heard and i've been on the planet for a long time. hey, here's a novel time your brain is not f'kd up on whatever it is you snort, smoke or a book. i hear the dr. seuss books are a great place to start.