Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jogger sets release date for "This Great Pressure" LP, the first on Daedelus' Magical Properties imprint...

Jogger has been described as "ADD music" -- their experimental electronic sound is sometimes dangerous, sometimes poignant, and sometimes funny, but always captivating. This America singer songwriter duo consists of Amir Yaghmai on violin and guitar, and Jonathan Larroquette on laptop and controllers, with the vocal duties divided between them. Initially, Jogger had almost no idea what type of music they wanted to create, but they had a room full of instruments, hardware, software, and a good seven years to decide. One would think that would be plenty of time to make an album. One would be wrong.

To make matters worse, Jogger has been known to spend months on one track -- even days on one note -- as they build intricate worlds from sonic scraps. That excess of time and labor has resulted in complex songs that unveil themselves slowly over multiple listens, music with a density that can be

Amir often collaborates, arranges and tours with musicians and composers such as Mike Andrews (Donnie Darko, Freaks and Geeks), Inara George's band "The Bird and The Bee," and Pete Yorn. Jonathan is also the co-creator of comedy podcast "Uhh Yeah Dude," which has gained cult status over the past 3 years with 180+ episodes.

Their first official release was a collaboration with Daedelus, called "I. Sent Off / II. Sus Per Coll," for his "Exquisite Corpse" album on Ninja Tune. Next they remixed "Internal Science" for Subtitle and Thavius Beck's "LabWaste" project. In May of 2009, Jogger released "Friends of Friends, Vol.1" (a split EP with Daedelus) and supported the release with an international tour. Soon after, they were chosen as one of URB Magazine's "Next 100" artists to watch. Jogger's first full-length album, entitled "This Great Pressure," will be the first release on Magical Properties, Alfred "Daedelus" Darlington's new imprint. Until then, find their songs, or come to a show and see for yourself...

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