Thursday, September 17, 2009

Black Whales' "Origins" EP is out on Mt. Fuji NOW

They killed it at Bumbershoot, they're about to kill it this week at MFNW, and holy whoa, Black Whales' "Origins" EP is out NOW on Mt. Fuji! If you haven't already heard some of the amazing jams, check them out on the band's MySpace page, here. Here is some truth from some of the folks who HAVE already heard the jams:

"They're magic. The Black Whales are magic. That's the only explanation for it."--Megan Seling, The Stranger

"It takes a lot for a new band to stand out in a top tier music city like Seattle, but the Black Whales have done just that with Origins. Can’t wait for a full LP."--John B. Moore, Innocent Words

"Black Whales bring stripped-down, rawness that many bands strive for"--Andrew Framsted, Synthesis

"The music emanates an optimistic sense of decisive purpose and perpetual forward motion, the feel of the songs can feeling intentionally counter to lyrics which often depict the opposite feeling in real life"--Josh Lovseth, Sound on the Sound

"The Black Whales’ songs teeter between the lighter and darker sides of indie music, creating a sound that is multi-faceted, textured, and playfully delivered with fervor."--John Berger, Record Dept.

09.17.09 - Portland, OR @ Ash St Saloon-MFNW
09.18.09 - Seattle, WA @ Tractor Tavern (RECORD RELEASE SHOW!!!) w/ Bobby Bare Jr, Black Whales, and All Smiles!
10.09.09 - Yakiam, WA @ Yakima Sports Arena
10.10.09 - Kenewick, WA @ Red Room
10.11.09 - Spokane, WA @ Empyrean Coffee House
10.13.09 - Billings, MT @ Railyard
10.14.09 - Denver, CO @ Meadowlark
10.17.09 - Chicago, IL @ Schubas w/ Grand Archives
10.20.09 -10.24.09 - New York, NY @ CMJ!!!!!!
10.25.09 - Washington, D.C. @ Red and Black Bar w/ Wooden Ships
10.28.09 - Austin, TX @ Red Seven
11.03.09 - Los Angeles, CA @ Silverlake Lounge

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