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Icelandic experimental pop artist, Sin Fang Bous, aka Sindri Mar Sigfusson, is making his North American touring debut in late October with friends and collaborators Múm in support of his solo debut, Clangour (Morr Music). Sigfusson is the founder of Reykjavik-based pop-folk group Seabear, but his solo project, a shortened version of the singer's name, his teeth, and his conception of how is new music sounds, is a bit more of an eclectic venture.

NPR on SFB, "Like Animal Collective, Sin Fang Bous layers and loops together unusual sound effects, samples, and vocals to create a sound that could easily melt into every nook in the most cavernous of spaces. In addition to the densely packed layers of melodies and effects, stark moments of stripped down sound creep into 'Clangour,' making it more curious and inviting. If chaos could be taken apart, examined piece by piece, and put carefully back together in a more pleasing way, this is what it would sound like."

At the beginning there was an atmosphere of breaking up. Whereas on the one hand face and body of his band Seabear (whose debut was released on Morr Music in August 2007) gained their outlines more clearly, there remained a deliberately left open game with the sounds on the other hand. The name for this game was soon found: Sin Fang Bous.

Sigfusson took his time, and he let time blow through the tracks. Gravitation processes, drifts, accumulations. What began as a miniature - a voice, a guitar - changed its textures and re-coloured its leaves. "Pocket Symphonies" one is inclined to say with Brian Wilson. Reduced to the max and equally concentrated up to its essence. Songs, sounds and samples are crystal clear and yet able to raise a storm.

Like in "Advent in Ives garden," a greenhouse in paradise, an "always more" of melody miniatures and sound pieces. Or, as the choirs in "Catch the light", it is his own voice that Sindri Mar Sigfusson expects of and even dares to do most of all. I wanted to try to do stuff with my voice I hadn't done before so there's some singing above my range there and singing through lots of effect stuff."

A euphoric release including a bunch of ideas, commensurate with bands like "Animal Collective", "Caribou" or "Panda Bear" - even when "Sin Fang Bous" music is more focused on pop. A highly charming record!

Sin Fang Bous On Tour with Múm
10-21 Somerville, MA (US) - The Somerville Theatre (w / Múm)
10-22 Philadelphia (US) - First Unitarian (w / Múm)
10-23 Washington DC (US) - Black Cat (w / Múm)
10-24 New York (US) - Le Poisson Rouge (w / Múm)
10-26 Montreal (CA) - Le National (w / Múm)
10-27 Toronto (CA) - Phoenix Concert Theatre (w / Múm)
10-28 Chicago (US) - Logan Square (w / Múm)
10-29 Minneapolis (US) - McGuire Theater (w / Múm)
11-01 Calgary (CA) - Marquee Room (w / Múm)
11-02 Vancouver (CA) - Richards on Richards (w / Múm)
11-03 Seattle (US) - Showbox at the Market (w / Múm)
11-04 Portland (US) - Aladdin Theater (w / Múm)
11-05 San Francisco, CA (US) - The Independent (w / Múm)
11-06 Los Angeles (US) - El Rey Theatre (w / Múm)
11-07 Santa Ana (US) - Yost Theatre (w / Múm)


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