Friday, October 24, 2008

Elephant Lady Records Releases Kyle Andrews' Real Blasty on January 20, 2009!

"Real Blasty is the breakthrough album."
- Timothy Zila, Patrol Magazine

"This is a bed-room rock Brian Wilson of depth and character. Most highly recommended."
- Dot Shop (Scandinavia)

"If people saw the space I recorded in, they would laugh," admits Nashville pop wizard Kyle Andrews. Crafted mostly in the comfort of his own home, and at his parents' place in Chicago, the DIY maestro's second full-length Real Blasty is a marvel: crisp, quirky, studio-quality pop recorded using little more than a laptop. Meet the future of the music industry.

After releasing his whimsical debut LP Amos In Ohio and the sad, stripped down EP Find Love, let Go on Badman Recordings, Kyle Andrews has decided to go it alone. It is appropriate that his self-recorded, self-produced Real Blasty should be released independently, relying on Andrews' own imprint, Elephant Lady Records.

Real Blasty takes Andrews’ homespun tunes to a happier place—the words still tell their fair share of sad tales, but the sound is brighter, dancier and crackles with more mature technical dexterity. The opener, "Sushi," has evolved over the years into a fuzzed-out club track; as the emotional intensity rises he implores the object of his affection, "You gonna save me or not?" The irresistible, synth-heavy "Naked in New York" adds a slight edge to the proceedings, as waves of noise crash and recede, revealing a narrator desperate to hang onto an unstable woman. "Polar Bear" tackles life on the road and the people you can't take with you. The ramped-up, guitar-driven "A Constant Wavering Between the Real and the Abstract" gets apocalyptic about love, asserting "Everything special fades away / all hearts will be erased." Standouts "Put Your Hands Up" and "Call and Fade" channel vintage anthemic pop, allowing Andrews to show off his ample skill with pretty melodies and infectious choruses.

In between releases, Nashville’s prolific pop maestro has found time to open for Peter, Bjorn and John, and tour with Josh Rouse; Andrews was also asked to contribute an original song to a recent Crown Royal ad campaign. In addition, the soft-spoken songsmith has managed to reinvent himself as a performer—shedding the introverted acoustic incarnation while experimenting with new methods for translating his glitchy, dynamic songs to the stage.

Kyle Andrews third release Real Blasty drops Janurary 20th, 2009!

Track Listing

01. Sushi
02. Naked In New York
03. Polar Bear
04. Call and Fade
05. Tennessee Torture Dream
06. Put Your Hands Up
07. Wavering Between The Real And The Abstract
08. Blow It Out
09. Take It To Heart
10. I Wanted To Paint A Rainbow
11. Cut And Paste
12. Bus

Previous Praise for Kyle Andrews:

"Armed with a guitar, Casio keyboard and drum loops, Andrews escaped the crushing Nashville scene to create his own brand of indie-rock with a southern drawl. Reminiscent of poppy Bright Eyes, Postal Service and an adolescent Eels, Andrews has 13 tracks worthy of a thorough listen." - Perfect Porridge

"Amos in Ohio is an honest, quirky, spontaneous and heartfelt acoustic album underpinned with electronic beats. It might be a break-up album, but its reflective mood won't leave you feeling crippled." - Marie Clare UK

"Instantly memorable, the album is packed with infectious hooks, especially on the title track and the upbeat "Moon Tea." - NPR

"His lyrics are good, often seeming to laugh at themselves, yet maintaining a wholesome integrity and frequently laying bare our darkest instincts in a most unnerving way." - Jon Fletcher, New Noise

"Chicago native, Kyle Andrews, makes 'hook heavy' indie pop. You will listen and wonder why you haven't heard this music before, or at least someone saying you should hear Kyle Andrews... uh, you should. " - Alan Williamson, Six Eyes

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