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Viva la Revolution!
Find Neïmo in NYC this December.

December 5th- @ Pianos - New York, NY
December 8th @ Arlene’s Grocery - New York, NY
December 12th- @ Pianos - New York, NY
December 15th @ Luna Lounge - Brooklyn, NY
December 19th- @ Pianos - New York, NY
December 22th- Tiswas Party @ The Annex - New York, NY
December 29th- @ Midway - New York, NY

The sound of the Parisian underground has reached our shores once again and is about to nestle it’s refined yet raw rock n’ roll self amongst our own indie scene. Alongside fellow natives such as Justice, Soko and Sebastian Tellier, Neïmo are not compelled to sing in their native tongue but instead are making music that so inspired them when growing up, therefore defying previous notions that foreign rock cannot break the American music scene. In this ever connected world we live (thanks to myspace et al), their talent and sheer energy has enticed music fans and the industry to take note and now they are about to grace our land and senses through out the holidays in NYC.

Bruno Alexandre, the frontman of this Parisian punk rock quartet is everything you could possibly want in a rock star, he’s cocky, smart, controversial and chic. Think Michael Hutchence meets Carl Barat meets Morrissey meets Jagger. With the added swagger and care free charisma of contemporary front men/women such as Julian Casablancas, Adam Green, Jarvis Cocker, Karen O and voilà! You have French rocker, monsieur Alexandre.

The rest of the band offer their unique sonic sphere accompanying Bruno’s husky and melodic vocals, the guitar morphs under electronic impulses – and it’s impossible to not capture your attention. Catchy, effective pop and arrogant, sensual rock come together with a resolutely Anglo-Saxon benediction. Neïmo’s main goal is to stick to the essentials. Their compositions get right to the point: the song. Simplicity and success go hand in hand, which is why the group has met with growing success for the past two years on the underground and mainstream scenes, charming its fans in nightclubs and festivals.

After self-producing their debut album, appropriately titled “From Scratch” in 2005 in 2 days live in a studio, their danceable guitar riffs, catchy and clever English lyrics, shocking good looks and astounding stage presence and antics quickly gained them a credible reputation and turned them into noteworthy figureheads. To bottle up their onstage energy, the arrangements, guitar solos and clever references sprinkled here, their debut album was the perfect introduction and taster towards what this band is really capable of. Neïmo is a group with high standards. This is also why the boys created their own label, Big Fields, to ensure the freedom of the group in terms of their music and approach in France.

Now with their second album “Modern Incidental” set for release next spring and after signing to U.S based Shangri-La Music, the new music company headed by Jeff Ayeroff (co-founder and former CEO of Virgin US and Work Group, and more recently Vice Chairman of Warner Records), the lads are now ready to revolutionize and refresh rock n‘ roll and shall venture across the Atlantic this December to play in New York City for a full month.

In their native land, Neïmo quickly gained the attention of several radio stations, including Ouï FM, France Inter and Le Mouv’, which notably added their single “Hot Girl” to their playlists. Neïmo went on to tour Europe, opening for groups such as Grand National and Infadels and playing festivals.

But there was one thing, that was beginning to frustrate the band members during this time “In France, we have these rules that radio programming must be at least 40 percent French language. French labels tend to sign bands that are given airtime. They tell us 'you sing in English, sorry we cannot sign you'... “. It seemed they were not alone in feeling this as the Ed Banger label which is ran by visionary pioneer Pedro Winter (aka Busy P) soon changed things by launching their artists on a universal scale and defying such standards for a band (or DJ) who originally would dictated by the old school way of doing things. Nowadays, it has become more common to celebrate and utilize tools such as myspace to reach a far bigger audience (ie: those who do not speak French) and garnering enough interest on an international level. This was far more akin to Neïmo’s way of thinking.

Neïmo stuck to their guns, against all odds and it’s paying off, signing to a US label. They have been offered the opportunity to move to the States and develop their fanbase throughout 2008. The time has now come to see their success unfold.

Now is America’s opportunity to catch Bruno Alexandre (vocals), Camille Troillard (guitar), Matthieu Joly (keyboards) and Alexis Hadefi (drums) live in NYC, as if evading the confines of the studio, the group pulls out all the stops in mind-blowing performances bursting with pure rock ’n’ roll. The new tracks from the forthcoming Modern Incidental celebrate a more mature sound from their debut. The keyboards meld with the guitar riffs in songs such as “The Hourglass”, “The Story Of Your Favourite Song” and “Carsick”, Neïmo expands its repertory with fulfillment, offering us a glimpse of a world that is richer and more personal than ever.

You’ve heard the buzz, now you must be part of this refreshing Parisian rock and roll movement about to hit embark Stateside. Viva la Revolution, indeed!

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