Friday, December 21, 2007

Cassettes Wont Listen

Release One Alternative Free Covers EP With Music For Robots on December 11th First Single “Change”Available Now
Debut EP Small-Time Machine Out March 08
Music For Robots -

“Ah! the sound of the 90's...

...being dragged kicking and screaming into modern day. That's what we like. Y'all remember Robot pal and production whizzkid Jason Drake? The one man act behind Cassettes Won't Listen and many , many excellent remixes (original work featured on MFR here ) has turned his attention to one of my most consistent sources of baseless guilt as a 90's teen.

Remember this joint? The one with nearly every artist I was waaaaay to into and constantly listening to on WHFS ? Yeah, also the one I never got around to buying. Ever. Despite being a patsy for the industry man and a CD buying whore (I'm still selling off bulk from those days). Well, Jason did us all a solid - he took the spirit of the comp and just wrapped on an EP of covers from the same era (more choice track selections than were on the benefit comp too), called One Alternative, available for download one week from today. To whet yer whistle, here's a taste of what's in store:

Cassettes Won't Listen - Change (originally written and performed by Blind Melon)

I recall this song as one of my more fond Blind Melon memories from when I was content the radio and underage beers during Ocean City beach week. Before Shannon Hoon got into all of that R-Kelly-style crowd pissing and whathaveyou, before his eventual death. At any rate, I like it with fresh zeal now. People need to refresh old designs like this more often.

So check back here and at CWL's website a week from Dec 11th to grab the rest. Also, make a note on your calendars, CWL's original full-length Small-Time Machine EP coming out March 11th."

1. Cut Your Hair (originally written and performed by Pavement)
2. Butter of 69 (originally written and performed by Butter 08)
3. Fuck and Run (originally written and performed by Liz Phair)
4. The Freed Pig (originally written and performed by Sebadoh)
5. Change (originally written and performed by Blind Melon)

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