Monday, December 3, 2007


Los Angeles, CA - November 29, 2007 -- If you're a fan of comic books, action hero figurines, graphic novels and other genre collectibles, John Dolmayan and Torpedo Comics has an amazing contest custom-made for you -- the "Torpedo Comics Challenge."

All you've got to do is log onto the special Torpedo Comics Challenge page - - and find the four handpicked comic books hidden within the "Monolith" section of the Torpedo Comics official site. Each comic book will reveal a new set of clues that will lead you to the fourth and final comic. The page that features this final comic book contains a secret code that you need to enter on the contest page.

The "Torpedo Comics Challenge" Grand Prize winner will be awarded two roundtrip tickets to Las Vegas, NV, one night at the Hard Rock Hotel, and a personal tour of the gigantic Torpedo Comics warehouse by Dolmayan himself. Second and third prizes include booty from the massive Torpedo Comics inventory.

Dolmayan, drummer for the on-hiatus multi-Platinum rock band System of a Down, recently launched the Internet-based retail store Torpedo Comics. He began collecting comic books when he was 12, and that passion has evolved into 15-million items housed in his 30,000-square foot Las Vegas warehouse. Dolmayan employs a staff of 25 who catalogue and care for rare items like Sensation Comics issue #1 (the first solo series featuring Wonder Woman), just about every key issue of Marvel and DC comics including Marvel Comics' issue #1, multiple copies of Giant Size X-Men #1, plus superhero action figures from Marvel, X-Men, Superman, and Batman titles. Torpedo Comics will also offer original comic art, created between the 1940s and the present, by some 150 different artists, including Jim Lee, Art Adams, Bernie Wrightson, and Alejandro Gaza.
Dolmayan incorporated his love for comic books into the drum kit that he played during System of a Down's 2006 tour. Dolmayan contacted 22 of his favorite comic book artists, including Jim Lee, Simon Bisley, Kevin Eastman, Neal Adams and Bill Sienkiewicz, were each sent various pieces of the drum kit onto which they drew original illustrations.

In addition to running Torpedo Comics, Dolmayan and System of a Down guitarist Daron Malakian have formed Scars on Broadway and are recording their debut album which is intended for a Summer 2008 release.

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