Friday, December 21, 2007


Set to Release ...And The Rift Of The Pan-Dimensional Undergods on Lucid Records
Taking On The Underworld and a Tour

Epic rock revivalists reigning from Raleigh, NC, Colossus plans for the release of their debut album, ...And The Rift Of The Pan Dimensional Undergods . This album pays tribute to their classic metal forebears with a dual-lead guitar onslaught and soaring vocals. With tracks full of epic and theatrical power metal, Colossus sonically spans four decades of heavy music, that will appeal to fans of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Thunderlip, Bandway, Dragon Force, Slayer, and Destroy Destroy Destroy.

Colossus's tour mayhem will commence December 6th in Greeneville, NC and will continue through February 28th. They will be performing fresh material from ... And The Rift Of The Pan Dimensional Undergods. Sean Buchanan sings chansons de geste, describing a world filled with swordsmen, vigilantes, armored badgers and supernatural encounters in a voice equally indebted to David Bowie and Rob Halford. Buchanan is backed by the percision fretwork of guitarists Bill Fischer and Nicholas Perros, glass-shattering bass of Rylan Wilshire-Eshelman and the tympanic battery of Ben "Thunderballs" Smith. Eshelman, Perros, and Smith began playing together in 2004, writing instrumentals with hopes of eventually finding a singer. During half time of the Superbowl that year, Eshelman, Perros, and Smith convinced Buchanan to try out on some Iron Maiden covers. "I remember that we did 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' " said Eshelman, "... he killed it..." Finally, when they drafted rock veteran Bill Fischer, Colossus was born again. "No song seemed complete until it got a solo from each of us", said Perros.

Colossus Tour Dates:

12.06- Greenville, NC - Spazzatorium Galleria
12.13- Chapel Hill, NC - Blend
12.14- Raleigh, NC - Downtown Events Center
12.15- Wilmington, NC - The Whiskey
12.28- Charlottesville, VA - Outback Lodge
12.29- Columbus, OH - Carabar
12.30- Harrisonburg, VA - Crayola House
1.03 - Birmingham, AL - tba
1.04 - Athens, GA Caledonia lounge
1.05 - Charlotte, NC - Milestone
1.19 - Johnson City, TN - The Hideaway
1.20 - Asheville, NC - Joli Rouge
2.28 - Chapel Hill, NC - tba
2.29 - Virginia Beach, VA - tba

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