Monday, November 23, 2009

Slow Six to release new full-length "Tomorrow Becomes You" via Western Vinyl on Jan 26, 2010

"Listening is like slipping into a warm aural bath...Tignor's beguiling compositions move seamlessly through several stages of development, often ending up somewhere distant from where they appeared to be headed at the outset." – The Wire

Western Vinyl (current or former home of Balmorhea, Dirty Projectors, Here We Go Magic, Ola Podrida, J. Tillman, and more) announces its first release of 2010. The Austin-based independent label will release Tomorrow Becomes You, the new album by Slow Six, on January 26th, 2010.

At the turn of the millennium in downtown New York, in an era of Moby and the Strokes, Slow Six was pulling up in front of clubs, loading in music stands, video projectors, a battery of string players, and a desktop computer programmed with custom software. Reading down its twenty-minute electro-acoustic scores to stunned audiences, Slow Six helped redefine what was possible when those who grew up with both classical and rock music re-imagined their surrounding musical landscape in their own image.

Today, so-called “cross-over” music is near ubiquitous, from New York's Wordless Music Series to bands like The Books and composers like Nico Muhly. Yet it is now, following the group's 2007 sophomore release for the prestigious classical label New Albion, that Slow Six returns to its experimental rock roots with Tomorrow Becomes You, an emotionally unrestrained full-length infused with taught rhythms, unraveling melodies, and detailed ambiances that owe as much to Tortoise and The Dirty Three as Steve Reich and Brian Eno.

In keeping with the Slow Six mantra, this is still music that changes – and changes us -slowly over time – the virtuosic, minimalist hocketing in “The Night You Left New York” slowly giving way to its eruptive guitar-soaked finale. But a new, welcomed optimism runs through Tomorrow Becomes You – never has the band’s light shown so brightly as in the record’s finale, “These Rivers Between Us”. The signature software creations of Slow Six's composer Christopher Tignor (free from the band’s site), which he uses to transform live sound, also make key appearances, creating unique electronic landscapes from talk radio on “Because Together We Resonate” and the players’ own performances on “Sympathetic Response System (part 2)”.

"Instinctively marrying amplified classical strings, fender rhodes piano and electric guitars...the dramatic tension created between instruments cascades over you with cut-glass perfection...8/10" – PopMatters

"In these two releases, Slow Six accomplishes something very rare in creating spellbinding art music that's wholly accessible to the masses without suffering any compromise to its artistic integrity." – Textura

"The gorgeous orchestration and complex rhythms make this album an engrossing, compulsive listening experience...8/10" – Foxy Digitalis

"a thing of rare, fragile beauty, urgently recommended to admirers
of Brian Eno's ambient music and West Coast minimalists like
Ingram Marshall and Harold Budd." – Time Out New York

"Each (song) has its own breath and life, and moves with a irit that
feels like a wise and aged soul...the music becomes more lovely
with every replay." – Brianwashed

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