Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Swedish Drone-Metal Titans Switchblade & Italian Riff Mongers Lento Issue New Albums on Denovali Records

switchblade album

Switchblade: [2012]

Lento album

Lento: Anxiety Despair Languish

Swedish drone-metal titans Switchblade and Italian riff mongers Lento both announce forthcoming new albums available worldwide via Denovali Records. For the album [2012], Switchblade are joined by ex-Opeth, Candlemass and Katatonia guests. Special editions come with the band's own brand of coffee! Lento's third full length of pummeling sludge rock has already received a wealth of praise from European metal press, including Terrorizer and Rock-A-Rolla.

Switchblade's [2012] CD/2xLP/DL:

The phoenix has risen once again in a new shape and form—this time as a two-headed beast. The Swedish band's adjustment from trio to duo has been perfected over the last 3 years and this album is the result of that metamorphosis. Switchblade is taking one big step forward and two steps backward.

In three monumental movements spanning over 37 minutes, Switchblade plunges into an array of different dynamics, always ebbing and flowing. This time, the band is joined by Per Wiberg (ex-OPETH, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, CLUTCH, CANDLEMASS) on Hammond organ, The Cuckoo (TERRA TENEBROSA), David Johansson (KONGH, THE ETERNAL VOID) and Lord Seth (ex-KATATONIA) on vocals.

Listen to [Movement II], Plus Additional Song Snippets

[2012] will be available in North America on December 11th on CD, deluxe gatefold 180g double LP and download via Denovali Records. Limited edition with coffee and mug available.

Lento's Anxiety Despair Languish CD/LP/DL:

Following the acclaimed studio albums Earthen (2007)and Icon (2011), and their latest live album Live Recording 8.10.11 (2012) Lento announce third full length Anxiety Despair Languish.

“The sort of riffs that will pummel you with a baseball bat and not even take your wallet afterwards -- just violence for sport”

—Rock A Rolla

Anxiety Despair Languish reaches beyond Lento's past albums: it tries to make a summary of the whole heavy music panorama of our time. The result is their most ambitious work: an album for people who are unfamiliar with that kind of music, and for people who solely like that kind of music.

The widely renowned loudness of their live performance has been reproduced in studio through the work of Lorenzo Stecconi and Matteo Spinazzè. Thirteen instrumental songs that does not let up throughout the total running time of 40 minutes and 50 seconds. After several intense years touring Europe between the 2007 and the 2012, this album represents a turning point in the band's history.


Listen to Streams of Death Must Be the Place & A Necessary Leap from the Album via Soundcloud

Anxiety Despair Languish will be available on December 11th on CD, thick deluxe gatefold 180g LP (w/DL card) and download via Denovali Records.

Listen to Select Tracks from Switchblade & Lento:

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