Sunday, May 31, 2009

G.G. Allin limited edition bobblehead

Set it on your coffee table and watch as pop culture implodes.

About the GG Allin Bobblehead:
Aggronautix has just released limited-edition figures of GG Allin "1991" (2000 numbered) and Tesco Vee of the Meatmen (1000 numbered). Each "Throbblehead" figure stands at 7 inches tall, is made of a lightweight polyresin, and will be displayed in a tri-windowed box.

"We normally don't carry bobbleheads but I was floored that the folks at Aggronautix would attempt this project," said Dov Kelemer CEO of DKE Toys. "I figured that if I broke down and made an exception to actually put this (anti-)bobblehead in my collection that others would feel the same. GG Allin... WTF!?!?!?!"

The idea first surfaced two years ago when Aggronautix pitched the GG figure idea to Merle Allin, GG's brother.

"I had been thinking about doing a GG figure for a while, so when the guys came to me with the idea, I was into it," said Allin. "The proofing process took a long time, but we got it right. The doll looks really good and I'm happy with it."

Buy yours here:

PS. No... these don't smell like poop.

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