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Featured on NCIS Soundtrack And Episode

Tim Skold and Sascha Konietzko collaborated Transatlanticly to bring industrial, metal and goth fans worldwide a new album titled SKOLD vs. KMFDM. The album¹s international release date is April 7, 2009.

The SKOLD vs. KMFDM track Love Is Like will debuted on NCIS Feb 18th. The eponymously titled new full-length album, out via KMFDM Records together with The Bicycle Music Company, streets internationally on April 7, 2009. NCIS: The Official TV Soundtrack was released on Tuesday, February 10th.

The Bicycle Music Company handled the SKOLD vs. KMFDM placement on the CBS Records produced soundtrack for the hit television series NCIS. The two-disc set also features brand new tracks by artists such as Oasis, Ministry, Seether and Perry Farrell. The Skold vs. KMFDM track titled, Love Is Like, was specially produced for this compilation. The song is included on the second CD titled Abby's Lab Disc named for a forensic scientist character on the show noted for her alternative appearance and taste in music. The recording is an exclusive version of the song, and differs from the one which will appear on the SKOLD vs. KMFDM record,

Love Is Like is prominently integrated into tonight¹s episode titled Bounce. In the episode Gibbs and DiNozzo reverse roles after a murder leads to one of Tony's old investigations being re-opened. The episode was directed by Arvin Brown and written by David J. North and Steven D. Binder. In its sixth season, NCIS is currently the #1 show on television. More than 18 million viewers watch each weekly episode in the U.S. alone and the show airs in more than 190 countries worldwide.

Tim Skold is a Grammy-nominated multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer that has played with Shotgun Messiah, Skold (his self-titled solo-project), KMFDM, MDFMK and Marilyn Manson (where his credits, besides songwriting include bass, guitar, drum and synthesizer programming on the albums The Golden Age of Grotesque, Eat Me Drink Me and Lest We Forget).

Sascha Konietzko, the mastermind and frontman of KMFDM, is a vocalist, synthesist and bassist as well as a composer, audio-engineer and producer. His production credits include KMFDM, Treponem Pal and Sister Machine Gun. Konietzko¹s remix credits include Metallica, White Zombie, Rammstein, Combichrist, Mindless Self Indulgence, Kittie, Love & Rockets, Megadeth and Flotsam Jetsam.

The SKOLD vs. KMFDM collaborative album was conceived in June 2008 and completed by early October. Notably the entire album was recorded without the two artists ever being on the same continent, much less in the same room. Konietzko explains: We constantly bounced stuff back and forth over the [FTP] server, and with a time-difference of nine hours between us, it turned out that one of us slept while the other one worked and vice-versa,and thus we got two full days of work done in just 24 hours. Before they began exchanging files, Konietzko and Skold agreed to some ground rules for the album, which included a no-guitars proviso and a no real drum kits stipulation. Skold elaborates This is a very electronic album but the majority of the instruments used are actually analog and many of them are not even electric. What we decided to intentionally avoid this time was the traditional electric guitar. This was done to confuse and bewilder our fans. We like to keep them on their toes and many of them appreciate the challenge.

SKOLD vs. KMFDM is Tim Skold on vocals, programming, live percussion, synth bass and Sascha Konietzko on vocals, programming, analogue synthesizers and sequencers and bass. The twenty-two tracks on the self-titled album, SKOLD vs. KMFDM, are 1. Why Me (4:29), 2. Bloodsport Interlude (1:07), 3. Antigeist (5:13), 4. Alkohol Interlude (0:52), 5. Bloodsport (5:06), 6. Error 404 Interlude (1:58), 7. Love Is Like (4:07), 8. Antigeist Interlude (1:07), 9. It's Not What (4:14), 10. Love Is Like Interlude (1:01), 11. A Common Enemy (4:59), 12. Porn, Kitsch And Firearms Interlude (1:40), 13. Error 404 (3:36), 14. All Or Nothing Interlude (0:57), 15. Porn, Kitsch And Firearms (4:36), 16. It's Not What Interlude (1:22), 17. Gromky (5:17), 18. A Common Enemy Interlude (1:29), 19. Alkohol (5:28), 20. Gromky Interlude (1:43), 21. All Or Nothing (5:03) and 22. Why Me Interlude (2:25). Total playing time is 67:58.
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The Bicycle Music Company is based in Beverly Hills, California, with offices in New York City. The company controls publishing rights to many prominent song catalogs, including that of Dwight Yoakam, Dave Peverett (Foghat), Marty Balin (Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship), Jim Peterik (Survivor, .38 Special), Kevin Cadogan (Third Eye Blind) and Night Ranger, as well as cutting edge songwriters such as Tim Skold, Jose Gonzalez, Michael Brook and Money Mark.

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KMFDM Records was founded by Sascha Konietzko on February 29th, 2004 -- the 20th anniversary of the band KMFDM. The label is based in Houston, Texas. Artists on the label include KMFDM, Excessive Force, KGC and Skold vs. KMFDM.

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