Thursday, April 17, 2008

Red Bull Music Academy


May 4th is the deadline to apply for the Red Bull Music Academy! Berlin, Dublin, New York, London, Sao Paulo, Cape Town, Rome, Seattle, Melbourne and Toronto are all past locations of the academy.

Destination 2008 - BARCELONA, SPAIN

I know you don't want to miss your opportunity to travel to Spain...get those apps started today!

'What is the Red Bull Music Academy?' Well I'll tell ya, The Red Bull Music Academy is an annual event that travels around the world offering a unique opportunity for music artists to celebrate their art, share experiences, gain knowledge from industry greats, and experience music from different countries and cultures.

'Who is the Academy for? What type of Music?' So full of questions you are! But I'm glad you asked. The Red Bull Music Academy is for DJ's, Producers, Musicians, Engineers, Vocalists and Songwriters of ALL GENRES of music including Rock, Hip Hop, Electronica, House, Drum & Bass, & Soul.

'Well how much is it? What's the catch?' Ahh, I was waiting for that one. Applying to the Red Bull Music Academy is FREE. If selected, Attending the Red Bull Music Academy is FREE. There is no catch, you need only apply! Another great perk is that once you apply, you immediately become part of your local RBMA market, entitling you special privileges and access to various events and workshops.

'I have more questions. Who can I contact?' Of course you do! For more information, please visit

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