Thursday, April 17, 2008


IHEARTCOMIX Records is set to release the electronic-thrash-pop-punk duo, Heartsrevolution's Switchblade EP, June 24, 2008. Switchblade, a five track EP, packs piercing vocals by Lo and grabbing Tenori-on digital arrangements by Ben.
When they're not creating music under the title HEARTSREVOLUTION, Lo and Ben travel the globe as the faces of HEARTSCHALLENGER, which has evolved into a 21st century lifestyle brand. Equipped with a fleet of vintage cotton candy pink ice cream trucks, anyone can pick up their choice of mixtapes, t-shirts, international candy, toys, and ice cream, of course!
Title track, "Switchblade," leads where "C.Y.O.A." ends - Immediately you can feel the quick synth lacerations across your body as you are forced out of your seat and dragged through a cinematic voyage of rich battle scenes and technicolor light dreams..
The lush texture and orchestral nature of "Digital Suicide" will confine you to an induced altered state of mind. . "Wolves and Libertines" is computer punk music.,"Lo's vocals are a shredding guitar to Ben's digital instrumentation, reminiscent to early `80s hardcore. "Ultraviolence" screams urgency of the unknown - be careful. Think Giorgio Moroder meets Huggy Bear. "Digital Suicide (Lullaby)" reworks its original sound into the final chapter of Switchblade EP, using an arrangement that promises dreams to come.
IHEARTCOMIX is set to release a debut 12" for Heartsrevolution's hit, "C.Y.O.A." with remixes by Brodinski, Lazaro Casanova, CFCF, Lauren Flax and Dan Oh.
The April release of an IHEARTCOMIX and Scion compilation will have Flosstradamus and L.A. Riots remixes of Heartsrevolution songs "C.Y.O.A." and "Switchblade," plus one never before released Heartsrevolution track, "Dance Till Dawn."
Heartsrevolution will be appearing at WMC and are featured in URB Magazine's Top 100.
To bring the HEARTSREVOLUTION live show to the next level for SXSW and WMC they have recruited Kate Moross (uk // ) to do live visuals and Terry Campbell (Prince Terrence) to play drums(Young Love/Spank Rock)


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