Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Call it what you want – Hard Beat, EBM (Electronic Body Music), Industrial Dance. Nitzer Ebb reign supreme over the genre regardless of the name.

And with nearly fifteen years between releases, the elder statesmen have had some time to reflect on their position. With this month’s release of the cleverly- titled Industrial Complex, Nitzer Ebb signaled loud and clear that their inventive co-mingling of Throbbing Gristle's alchemic pound, DAF's synthpunk oomph and Kraftwerk’s futureshock electronics is every bit as vital as it was when the group skyrocketed into the British music stratosphere in the 80s. Industrial Complex – aside from being a decidedly enjoyable slab of beats, chants and unbridled energy – offers context to the meteoric ascension and the fruitful, chameleonic career of Douglas McCarthy and Vaughn Harris. Taking cues from the group’s gritty early days, along with the streamlined New York dance club years, and the fully-fleshed, highly-orchestrated Flood era, the album has something for every Nitzer Ebb fan, and serves as a masterful primer for the uninitiated.

Building off of the massive tour in late 2009 and early 2010, Nitzer Ebb are making choice stops in major American cities throughout November. Reuniting with Big Hit era drummer Jason Payne, McCarthy and Harris will be delivering live staples from Complex and beyond. Miss it at your own risk.

11/18 - Detroit - Magic Stick
11/20 - Chicago - Double Door
11/23 - Dallas - Granada Theater
11/24 - San Antonio - White Rabbit
11/26 - Houston – Numbers

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