Friday, January 13, 2012


Miniature Tigers - Mia Pharaoh
"They could probably be a very successful, standard-issue indie-rock band aping Death Cab or
Grizzly Bear or Vampire Weekend, but they're too restless and busting with ideas." - Spin 

"Wedged between a dreamy throwback sound and rapid-fire backing harmonies, Brand [lead singer Charlie Brand] carries a degree of self-seriousness, lending nuanced shades of gray
to an otherwise chipper mood." - NPR

" [One of the] 25 albums we're looking forward to in 2012...Miniature Tigers completely avoided a
sophomore slump in 2010 by releasing the excellent F O R T R E S S. Judging by their new single
"Boomerang," the upcoming third album might be just as strong." - Paste Magazine

Miniature Tigers are excited to reveal that their anticipated third album, Mia Pharaoh, will drop March 6 via Modern Art Records, in conjunction with Warner Music's Independent Label GroupToday the band premieres their sly, alluring indie-pop groove "Female Doctor" on! The new track is streamed with a hilarious European reality-TV-clip-montage of seductive female doctors, fitting to match the title of the track (from and was directed by Max Goldblatt.

With the success of Miniature Tigers' 2010 album F O R T R E S S, singer/guitarist Charlie Brand, drummer/keyboardist Rick Schaier, guitarist/mixer Algernon Quashie, and bassistBrandon Lee turned into relentless road warriors. The guys performed on countless headlining shows, shared numerous stages with such acts as The Morning BendersNeon IndianWalkmen, Freelance Whales and Tennis, and gave stellar performances atLollapalooza, RVA Music FestivalAustin City Limits and POPPED! Music Festival.

When not on stage the band was igniting their charming idiosyncratic sound for Mia Parahoh, which Miniature Tigers amplifies with an abstract pop and dance music flame.Brand was heavily inspired by "teenage dream" pop music, which of course, received the four piece's proper, quirky spin on it.

"Halfway through making Mia Pharaoh, I fell in love with pop all over again and was strictly listening to Top 40 music," explains Brand. "Instead of studying Simon & Garfunkel drum tones, I was figuring out what samples The Dream and Kanye used, or trying to write a song that Katy Perry or Rihanna could sing-a real outsider pop record."

Mia Pharaoh ends up with ten tracks that are locked and loaded with a luminous vintage-vibesynth that enhances pop-dazed melodies, luring guitar riffs, and untamed percussion beats, mixed with dreamy dance key chords, and a dash of brassy saxophone; all of which meshes into random peculiar sounds - giving the record an almost psychedelic experience that would even appeal to Timothy Leary. The band's music is propelled by Brand's languid and angelic vocals that swirl with several lyrics about erotic daydreams and heart-pounding tales of love-driven insanity.   

Mia Pharaoh track listing:
01. Sex On The Regular
02. Female Doctor
03. Cleopatra 
04. Afternoons With David Hockney
05. Easy As All That
06. Flower Door
07. Boomerang
08. Ugly Needs
09. Angel Bath 
10. Husbands and Wives

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